“I’m going to Holland with the Canadian Forces. Every year for the past 60 years the Canadian Forces has gone on a march through Holland in an annual event called the Nijmegen March. 2012 is the 93rd year of the March, (July 17th – 20th).

The annual Nijmegen March held in July, consists of four days of marching while wearing standard combat clothing and carrying a military rucksack weighing at least 22lbs plus water, food and clothing, I’ve been told I can expect to be carrying near 30lbs. The CF contingent covers 160 km through the Dutch countryside and crowded streets of towns in the Nijmegen area – often walking the same terrain where many Canadians fell during the Second World War.

On the first and last days, official commemorative ceremonies are held at Canadian War Memorials and Cemeteries, which link us back to an important part of military history and the enduring relationship between Canada and Holland since the Second World War.

In honour of the Royal Canadian Legion the CF invites one member to join them as their VIP guest. Every Legion member in Canada is eligible to apply, I did, and was chosen. Fantastic!

I’m very excited and honoured to be training with and soon, travelling, bunking and marching with our soldiers! We leave from CFB Comox on July 12th and I will return on July 29th, this includes an extra week hanging out and travelling around Europe with some of my fellow marchers. Our trip also includes a ceremonial visit to the Vimy memorial in France. This has to be one of the most spectacular memorials in all of Europe for WW1 soldiers.

I was issued my “Kit” at the Army support Unit in Chilliwack and since, under the guidance of LCdr Tony Zezza, have been marching through the Columbia valley in full gear, on 4, 6 and 8 hour training sessions, with pack of course. Obviously I’ve been very busy lately…”


Photo above: Enjoying the Vancouver weather while training with CPO2 Koblun, and Sergeant Arnold from Esquimalt

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