We’re pleased to announce that Mark Steele, Deputy Zone Commander North Shore Howe Sound, has been selected as the official Legion representative on the Canadian Forces (CF) Nijmegen March Team!

Only one representative is selected nation-wide, and Mark has received the honour to train and travel as part of the CF team! The CF Nijmegen March Team has been sponsored by The Royal Canadian Legion since 2000.

Mark will be sharing his journey with us – his experiences, insights, and photos.

Follow Mark’s March to get a taste of this once in a lifetime experience!

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This year’s March starts on July 17th and runs until July 20th – come back each day for updates and photos!

Some of you may be wondering, “What is the Nijmegen March?” The Nijmegen march is a rigorous 160-km trek through the beautiful Dutch countryside held each year. Canadian servicemen and women participate while wearing combat uniform and carrying a heavy rucksack. What is the purpose of the March? It’s a test of physical endurance and team work, and keeps the memory alive of the Canadian soldiers who fought and liberated Holland during WWII.

Canadians have participated each year since 1952. 2012 will mark the 96th time the Marches have been held since they began in 1909. The event annually draws over 40,000 marchers from 50 different nations – and is cheered on by over 1 million Dutch spectators along the route!

The Nijmegen March is the largest annual pilgrimage of Canadian service people to a war cemetery outside of Canada. During the Second World War, Canadian soldiers liberated the area around Nijmegen, and what remains of this struggle is a large Canadian military cemetery in Groesbeek. It serves as the final resting place for over 2,300 Canadian soldiers and airmen who fought and fell for freedom. All marchers trek there to pay their respects and conduct remembrance services. The experience leaves participants with a better understanding of our legacy, they can see firsthand why the Dutch people hold the Canadian teams in such high esteem.


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