Today the March officially begins! Each day of the marches is named after the biggest town it goes through – today is the day of “Elst”. Mark is marching 44km, a total of 9 hours!

Above: Mark was off to an early and rainy start
The March isn’t competitive or a speed test, it’s good team spirit and style that matters and wins the crowd. The route passes through towns and villages which take on a street party atmosphere. Thousands of spectators turn up to watch the river of walkers go by (a total 41,272 people will be marching)!

So what does Mark have in store apart from blisters today? He’ll see the beautiful countryside of Betuwe, be cheered on by partying Dutch, and walk the same ground Canadian soldiers did decades before him.

Today’s route: starting from the centre of Nijmegen, passing through a series of small towns and the city of Elst, ending in Wedren.


Jovial Canadian Marchers. Photos above and below courtesy of Canadian Forces

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