Marching to and through Wijchen on the second day is described by many participants as a bit of a drag– luckily marching songs are a part of the Nijmegen tradition and takes marcher’s minds off the pain. Dutch spectators come to hear the military teams sing – they don’t mind listening to tone-deaf soldiers.

Each team has a variety of great marching tunes and its amazing to listen and watch them interact with the locals.  Supporters lining the streets cheered Mark and his team on, gave high fives, and a few of the marchers even got hugs and flowers. The kids sought out Canadians for pins and flags (luckily Mark brought lots of goodies left over from Canada Day!)

There were bands playing, local media broadcasting, and everyone was in a festive mood.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Canadian Marchers being cheered on:

The spirit of working together was strong, everybody encouraged each other to the finish line – truly the Canadian way.  This is what the Nijmegen March is all about. Tomorrow Mark’s team will visit the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery to pay respects to the fallen Canadian soldiers and airmen who liberated the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945.

Above: Mark’s triumph over his lack of blisters

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