The third day is famous for the Zevenheuvelenweg (“Road of the Seven Hills”) and is the most beautiful day of the marches. The march went through the Nijmegen cornfields, and the towns of Malden and Mook, until reaching Groesbeek.

Above: Zevenheuvelenweg. Quite a mouthful!

Mark’s team visited the Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery halfway through the 40 km march. Mark paid his respects to the 2338 fallen Canadian soldiers who helped liberate the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945.

Thousands of Dutch children tend the graves of the soldiers buried here each year (a long-held tradition in the Netherlands).

Above: The Groesbeek Memorial; there are 1,103 names inscribed on it.

Mark was very touched by this site, and the passion Dutch people have for upholding the memory of the sacrifices Canadian soldiers made.

Above: Mark’s team – Mark was busy handing out flags and pins to the children lining the streets on the way back to camp.

Above: Sgt Arnold and CPO2 Koplund from Esquimalt with Mark at the end of the day.

Tomorrow’s the last day of the March, stay tuned!

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