We’re pleased to announce that Shaun Francis has been selected as our Legion representative on the Pilgrimage of Remembrance!

Shaun will be sharing his journey with us – his experiences, insights, and photos. You can follow his journey here.

This year’s Pilgrimage starts on July 6th and runs until July 20th – come back each day for updates and photos!

Some of you may be wondering, “What is the Pilgrimage of Remembrance?” The Pilgrimmage is a journey for participants to tour battlefields, pay their respects in cemeteries, reflect at memorials and explore museums throughout France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s an opportunity to go to the battlefields where many Canadians have paid the supreme sacrifice, to learn and to bring back stories, experiences and insights to local communities.

Shaun will visit sites that evoke turmoil and despair, triumph and peace. He will sense the collective memory of the agony that all these Canadian soldiers endured. His journey through these hallowed grounds will evolve into a deeper understanding of our Canadians who found their final rest in the very land, and amongst the very people they liberated.

It’s up to us to never forget and to pay homage to those who paid the sacrifice for our freedoms of today.  To learn and teach our younger generations.

While travelling Shaun will be remembering one particular soldier who passed away during WWII. Private Sydney George Bennett from Vancouver, BC, who died on October 8th, 1916 at the age of 18. The goal is to bring to mind a name that may have been forgotten for almost a century.

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