Robin and Stewart are Legion members running the Victoria Marathon in October 2013 to raise PTSD awareness and funds for Legion Veteran Transition Programs.

Stewart is a Veteran who served on NATO operations to Bosnia and Kosovo, and both Robin and Stewart were raised in military families. They understand what a military life is, that it’s far from an ordinary life, and even further from an ordinary job. This is the essence of their motivation, verve, and passion to see a change in how Veterans are cared for by the government.

They both have friends battling PTSD. They see firsthand the struggle that newly returning Veterans, and service men and women face. The battle is never ending. Robin and Stewart want to raise awareness of the plight many Veterans face, and raise funds for programs that are there to support Veterans in need.

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You can learn more about Legion Veteran Transition Programs here.

Follow Robin and Stewart’s journey right here on the blog, and on their Marathon for Veterans facebook page.

Here’s their first blog post!

We’re Off!

What are we doing? I mean it’s easy to say that we’re trying to raise a few bob and some awareness for Veterans with PTSD who are, quite seriously, not recieving the support they need from the government, but getting up at 0530hrs every morning and running around the woods like a lunatic (and I mean that literally, as, for one, you never seen me run, and for second, the state I’m in at that ungodly hour). Robin is, of course, a much prettier sight, but we don’t often run together. She’s doing the half marathon, I’m doing the full, and we both have very different paces and schedules. I love the early mornings and having the city to myself whereas Robin prefers the afternoons and running back from work.

So, how’s it going? Well, we started off well with Robin making lots of lists, which she’s very good at, I think, as I don’t really look at them that much, but they’re everywhere with varying markings and colors. She’s in charge of keeping me in check, as best she can, with my diet, as I’m an Englishman brought up on meat and potatoes and who could overcook vegetables with a mere glance. She sticks by a solid 10% increase a week mileage rule, which is seeing her grow stronger as a runner everyday. She’s very sensible. Me? Not so much and appear to be in denial that I’m no longer the 25yr old who once ran a Marathon with hardly any training. I realized this when I decided to kick out a 13.5 mile long-run in my first week and, consequently, my back in the second week. I suppose I shouldn’t have had a beer and poutine as a post run meal either.

Oh well, there’s plenty of time until the marathon to find a balance, right?


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