My wife Kathryn and I have just spent the last 10 days in eastern Canada, namely St John’s NFLD, Halifax and Greenwood NS and Gagetown NB. We were hosted by Military Family Resource Centres and local Legion Branches to come and promote my new book Warrior Rising- A Soldier’s Journey to PTSD and Back. During our presentation we focused upon the impact of PTSD on the family as this is an area just coming to light as a place we need to visit.

We met incredible people during this trip from the young couple just trying to get through the day struggling with PTSD to the folks who find themselves suffering in silence and not knowing where to turn. Many are full of fear and shame about their injury and are reluctant to step forward to get help. Kathryn and I shared our story of tragedy to triumph that spans the last two decades as I tried to manage from day to day this incredibly devastating injury. With the wonderful welcome and response of the audiences we picked up that folks resonated with our story and many spoke of finally being ready to start talking about their injury to a clinical professional.

One of the most important points I make during the speech is the fact that I dedicated myself to getting help from Health Services who provided me with excellent care in the form of one on one therapy and medications. Once I started to feel better, I discovered the power of peer support. I attended the Outward Bound Veterans Program in Alberta and learned for the first time that I was not alone with my PTSD. I then took the Veterans Transition Program (VTP) in Vancouver sponsored by the BC/Yukon Legion. This event for me was a pivotal point in my healing and likely was the most significant event that precipitated my writing Warrior Rising! I learned that writing this book was no longer about me; it was about who it could help.

I will continue to Blog during the remainder of our speaking and book promotion tour as we hit Ontario next in October. Check my website at to see locations, dates and times.

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