The Seeds of Change – December 10, 1914+

The first Battle of Ypres, like so many battles of the Great War, was inconclusive. The British held onto the...

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Brothers in Arms – November 22, 1914+

If you go to Ypres today, you will find a picturesque little Belgian town nestled comfortably in the quiet Flanders...

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Kill or be Killed – October 25, 1914+

“I had a grand dream. Loving friends were about me, a smiling valley held my home, and I stood regarding...

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Value Amid Waste – September 27, 1914+

In August of 1914, the German Emperor promised his departing troops: “You will be home before the leaves fall.” In...

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The Spirit of Man – September 19, 2014+

Today we associate the name “Alfred Nobel” with, among other things, a prestigious Peace Prize awarded to, “the person who...

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Fear and Loathing – September 10, 1914+

Crusade, jihad, holy war: we are well acquainted with these words in 2014. We’ve seen—and continue to see—the gruesome results...

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