August, 2014

The Daze of Retreat – August 31, 1914+

As the sun set over the battlefield of Mons on the 23rd of August 1914, its final rays glinted off...

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The First “Modern” War – August 25, 1914+

So many things about the Great War—especially 1914—seem of a different age to us. It is almost quaint to think...

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A Taste of War – August 23, 1914+

“War is sweet to those that have no experience of it.” These ancient words illustrate one of life’s greatest ironies....

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The Sound of Approaching Doom – August 15, 1914+

There is a certain romance in doomed resistances. Battles like the Alamo or Thermopylae capture the imagination, and inspire a...

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The Lamps Go Out – August 4, 1914+

As Franz Ferdinand’s life ebbed on a Sarajevo street corner, the Old World order was dying with him; but nobody...

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