By way of introduction, I am the new Executive Director for BC/Yukon Command, having taken my place at the big chair about two months and change ago. I am a veteran (Signal Corps – 36 years) and a Legion member (10 years), and I am thrilled to be part of a great organization such as this!

I will stepping up to the soapbox from time to time to share some of the things I’ve seen as your E.D. and to hopefully give a different perspective on some of the goings on around Command. In spite of my time with the Legion as a whole, I am still very much the new guy at Command, so you can take my perspective for what it’s worth.

I think what drew me most to the Legion, and to the opportunity to apply for the E.D. position, is the outstanding work that this organization does for veterans, year in and year out. I saw friends of mine come back from Bosnia scarred and emotionally broken, into an environment where the military didn’t necessarily understand mental health issues to the degree they do today. Many veterans ran into roadblocks within National Defence, and then Veterans Affairs, and it was the Service Officers at the Legion who opened doors for many of them to get the help they needed. That alone was worth my membership, in my opinion, and I hope that I can continue to serve veterans by serving you.



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