I wanted to share this story, as it gives a great example on how the Legion can respond to the wishes of the membership.

This summer, a resolution was submitted for consideration at Dominion Convention in Winnipeg, one recommending that current and former members of the CAF or RCMP could get one year free membership to the Legion. This resolution was voted on and passed by the membership, and is now in place.

Intended for still serving or retired CAF and RCMP members who have not been a member of the Legion before, this one year membership includes a subscription to Legion Magazine and access to the Member Benefit programs. Known as the Veteran Welcome Program, this will be a great way to get to know the organization.

This does not take away the rights of branches to decide who may become a member of their branch, it simply provides Veterans a free one year “try before you buy”. However, it benefits all of us to give this program maximum distribution and to welcome with open arms any Veteran who joins because of it.

To apply, Veterans are asked to complete the Veteran Welcome Program Registration Form and return it:

By mail to: Member Services
Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command
86 Aird Place
Ottawa, ON K2L 0A1
By Fax to: 613-591-9335
By Email to: membership@legion.ca

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