While we were cleaning the office someone came across a book, which are the minutes of the “Returned Soldiers Association” starting from their first meeting on May 9th, 1916.

Here is a motion that was put forth at their meeting of June 13th, 1916, and carried unanimously:

“Whereas several returned soldiers who were employed as guards at the Provincial Buildings have been discharged without previous warning and without providing other employment, and some are in actual need owing to the fact of having dependents to support:

It is resolved to petition the Provincial Government as the largest employment of labour in the Province to take immediate steps to provide employment for returned men and thus set an example to other employers.

That whereas the returned soldiers have served the Empire at the front, and helped to make possible the continued freedom and prosperity of the country, the presence of men in the Government Service who have taken no risks and rendered no help in the time of the Empire’s dire need, is unfair and unjust to those men who have answered the call of duty:

And Whereas many men are disabled to an extent which prevents them competing with their fellow men in the labour market, every consideration should be shown them, and such positions as their condition will not prevent them filling satisfactorily should be reserved exlusively for them:
That this question is of urgent importance and the Provincial Government be requested to give this matter immediate consideration.”

In over a hundred years, the scale has changed, but the discussion, not so much.

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