We support local communities, serve Veterans, and promote remembrance.  

Website: legionbcyukon.ca


The Mission of The Royal Canadian Legion is to serve Veterans and their dependents, promote remembrance and act in the service of Canada and its communities.

The Royal Canadian Legion has a strong and continued commitment in promoting Canada’s contribution to world peace, the protection of Canadian sovereignty and the preservation of national unity.  


BC/Yukon Command of The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit organization with 152 Branches, over 90 Ladies Auxiliaries, and almost 70,000 members. 

General Information

The Royal Canadian Legion, formed in 1926, is a non-profit, membership supported organization. It originally served as a place of camaraderie, support and advocacy, assisting returning military personnel to ease the transition from war to civilian life.

Since that time the Legion has evolved into one of the foremost and respected community service organizations in Canada. Serving Veterans, ex-Service Personnel and their families, the new military, as well as seniors and youth, the Legion significantly contributes to every aspect of community life.

The Royal Canadian Legion also holds the sacred trust of ensuring the tradition of remembrance is observed by Canadians every year at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. This tradition dates back to the First World War when the guns fell silent, marking the end of military conflict and the remembrance of those who would never return home. The National Poppy and Remembrance Campaign raise funds for Veterans and their families, the new military and others who are disadvantaged.