A Warrior Rising

LCol Chris Linford has served 24 years in the Canadian Forces Health Services. He witnessed first hand the terrible trauma’s endured in modern war zones, and this experience led him one more time to the depths of severe PTSD.

His year and a half long treatment post deployment was one of the toughest experiences of his life, but he learned during this experience that his new calling and passion was to speak publicly and write about his experiences providing others the opportunity to follow his lead in getting back to good health to once again enjoy life and their loved ones.

Remembrance Day+

Another Remembrance Day has arrived and I find myself once again completely consumed with memories of the faces of those...

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A Warrior Rising+

My wife Kathryn and I have just spent the last 10 days in eastern Canada, namely St John’s NFLD, Halifax...

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A Warrior Rising – On The Road To Ottawa+

Sometimes things happen in life that you just know will turn out for the better. Last week I was invited...

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